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Vans day four… losing Angel Lynn…

At the half way mark, the Angels have made real progress. Their tireless dedication to blending skating with covert reconnaissance in the hope of overhearing key elements of the plan to eradicate skatepark graffiti has paid dividends even after losing Angel Lynn in the line of duty. After stop offs at a lot of fast […]

Vans day three… X-Ray Eyesight

After the previous days spent skating in Bristol & Wales waiting to overhear anything that could give the Angels their first lead, they finally stumbled across their first break. DLynn, using his special X-Rated X-Ray eyesight (yes in case you were wondering he can see through womens clothes), spotted a cryptic clue. A quick trip […]

Vans: Day 1 – 8 cheap suits

Two years since his last assignment, and now living the quiet life in the country, The Boss got a call that everyone had been dreading. The call that meant that it was time to mobilise the troops and organise another trip to Matalan to buy 8 cheap suits. Yes it really is time for Powleys […]